Monday, August 22, 2016

Rebirth by C.G. Sins

Rating: 4/5 

Lilitu grew up in a world of darkness. All she knows is the damp, cold cell she has lived in all her life. Like all humans in Moriyah, she is only kept alive as livestock. Her purpose in life is to be drained of her blood in order to feed the now dominant race of Moriyah; the Vampires. After twenty years of imprisonment, and several attempts to escape; Lilitu has given up on her dreams of finding a new life. She now spends her days alongside her only friend, Victoria, imagining what kind of magical world lies beyond the human center.

 By a strange twist of fate, Lilitu crosses paths with Strigoi; the King of the Vampires. This chance meeting leads her on a dangerous journey into the world outside her cell. 

Rebirth is the first book in the Vampire Lilitu trilogy. It also happens to be the first book published by the author, C.G. Sins and I have to say, she's off to a great start!

The novel is fast paced from start to finish. There's hardly a dull moment. I finished the book in one sitting. The author did a great job of keeping the story on track and not getting caught up in the side stories.

The story takes place in Moriyah. Sins develops a new world throughout  the story filled with magical beings and mysterious lands. Vampires, werewolves, fairies, Rebirth has it all. She makes it sound like a beautifully dangerous place to be and I'm entranced. The creatures in her book are told/talked about in a way that seems as if they could be real, even if you know they don't exist.

The main character, Lilitu, is a bad ass head strong female who is willed by her desire to live and to over come the vampires that have taken over. She keeps her feelings on lock and thinks with her head, a trait I admire.

The reason I gave Rebirth only four stars is because even though I enjoyed the story that exists, I wanted more from it. I wish the story was longer. Maybe had more happen while Lilitu was locked in the human center or at the castle with Strigoi. However, since it's only the first book I'm hoping any unanswered questions will be covered in the next two books.

Rebirth leaves us with a bit of a cliff hanger. Leaving us to anticipate the stories to come.

Overall, the story is a fun, twist filled read that will keep you hooked even after you've set the book down. I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys fantasy and action books.

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